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Here are answers to questions we frequently hear from our clients:



Why is it important to make a will?

A will is your opportunity to direct where your tangible assets and property should go when you pass away. For those who put off making a will, states like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have laws about intestate succession. This means that the state decides who will receive your assets according to their formula—not your wishes. A properly crafted will provides the security of knowing that your children are being raised as you would wish, rather than being the subject of a court proceeding to determine their guardianship.



Why would you consider a revocable trust?

A revocable trust is helpful in many ways. You can create a revocable trust during your estate planning process. While living, you still own and control the assets of the trust. Upon your death, the trust reduces the cost and effort of transferring your wealth and speeds the delivery of money and value to your family members.



Can you break an irrevocable trust?

An irrevocable trust has different benefits for asset protection. Because the assets in an irrevocable trust are not under the control of the grantor (the person who made the trust), there are tax and other benefits unavailable with a revocable trust. Questions arise about whether an irrevocable trust can be broken, or decanted. Some states, like New York, have statutes that offer a method for breaking or modifying a trust, but the process and conditions are complex.



How much does your law firm charge for legal service?

Our fee arrangements depend on the circumstances of your matter. We have different fee structures including an hourly fee for legal advice or service, a flat fixed fee, or a fee contingent on the outcome of your case. We are straightforward about our billing practices and do not “nickel and dime” our clients.



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