What We Do

Expertise with Concierge-Level Service

We are a concierge Trusts and Estates law practice located in Greenwich, Connecticut serving successful individuals and families in Connecticut and New York. We provide tailored legal solutions for our clients with the express goal of becoming their "lawyers for life" - advisors who serve as a continual resource for them long after the initial engagement ends.

Our practice areas provide clients with estate planning and protection from contested estates, administration, general asset protection and litigation. Our expertise in trusts and estates litigation enables us to provide you with an estate plan that will deliver on your wishes.


Estate Planning*

A well-crafted plan goes beyond simply providing for your family’s future security. We take the time to get to know our clients, so their wishes and intents are met now and respected going forward. Our courtroom experience has yielded a deep knowledge of how wills and trusts are challenged; we anticipate and defend against those attacks. We’re also diligent about staying abreast of all new tax laws that may affect your estate planning.

Estate Litigation*

Even the best-crafted trusts can be challenged by litigious parties. We provide pragmatic and superior legal services on litigation matters for individuals and families who find themselves embroiled in this unfortunate occurrence, delivering the best result possible within the realities and structure of trust and estate litigation law.

Estate and Trust Administration

Whether you’re an executor, administrator, guardian or trustee, we can help you carry out fiduciary duties and responsibilities—without inadvertently stepping on the wrong side of the law. (Fiduciaries have extreme personal liability; “good faith” efforts are not rewarded.) We can help in all the particulars—from filing the will for probate to discovery of claims, re-titling assets, dealing with the IRS, and handling taxes levied at death.

Asset Protection

The best time to safeguard your wealth is now—before you find it subjected to a creditor’s claims. Legal, strategic planning can include asset protection trusts, family limited partnerships, and gifted real estate.

Business Advisory and Litigation

Plan to succeed… and be prepared for challenges. We can help you safeguard your company’s assets with strategic business transition planning, preparing for unforeseen events, advising on valuing your business, and defending against litigation.

*Proper planning doesn’t just ensure your intent is respected; it can also save your family money if a trust instrument is challenged. See what Bloomberg BNA/Estate Tax Blog (June 9, 2017) had to say in the matter of the New York County Surrogate’s opinion, In re Hoppenstein (Jason J. Smith, Esq., for the Trustees)

"This case reinforces that the Settlor's intent is what matters most when looking at the four corners of a well-constructed trust instrument... (and) imparts great significance to the proper construction of an estate plan that uses flexible drafting techniques tailored to the client's foreseeable and unforeseeable estate planning goals and objectives. Ultimately, the excellent drafting saved the client time and money by not having to engage in extensive litigation..."



Who We Serve

Wealth Planning & Protection for Families & Individuals

The work we do today secures our clients’ significant assets for future generations. We have experience in every area, from planning and administration of trusts and real estate holdings to best practices for protecting marketable securities, family businesses, art and collectables.



We represent entire families and assist in all phases of tax and estate planning. We can help our clients create the estate plan that delivers on their wishes and secures their family for generations. This process is deeply personal and private, and we accomplish your goals with the greatest discretion and consideration.


We represent successful individuals interested in tax planning and building an estate framework that will evolve along with them. Our expertise lies beyond your financial advisor’s purview; we understand tax and estate planning, and can guide you from an early stage so your future generations’ wealth will be protected from the moment you start working with us.

Concierge-Level Service

When you engage us, you can be confident you’re receiving the highest level of attention and deepest expertise—and that it will be done safely, securely, and in the most economical way possible.